How it works

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What is Avenue?

Avenue is an epicenter for collaboration and feedback that brings creators, companies, brands, and their community members closer than ever.  Avenue’s suite of tools are optimized for maximizing engagement and allowing community members to make their voice heard in many aspects of the project.

With Avenue, it’s as easy as ever for creators, companies, and brands to track and reward their most engaged, consistent, and authentic fans.

Why should creators, companies, and brands use Avenue?

Avenue provides gated spaces called Blocks that unify creators, companies, brands and their community members. Blocks serve as a collaborative HQ and allow narratives, ideas, and points of feedback to emerge that ultimately strengthen a brand’s IP. Customers of Avenue receive unparalleled insights into their communities, driven by direct community interaction & observation, laser focused surveys, gamification that rewards participation & engagement, and global organization across numerous mediums.

What is the Playground on Avenue?

The Playground is the first place you enter as a user on Avenue. The Playground provides users a place where they can enter the various Blocks they have access to, as well as participate in a larger global discussion involving all users on Avenue. Think of it as a community member’s home base to find the communities they want to engage with.

What are Blocks on Avenue?

Blocks are the unique communities that each creator, brand, or company owns, allowing for unparalleled community building and direct supercharged engagement between users and creators/brands/companies. It’s where you’ll collaborate, communicate, and build with community members

How can I get started on Avenue as a creator, brand, or company?

Please reach out to and someone from our sales team will contact you promptly.

How can I get started on Avenue as a user?

We are opening the Avenue beta soon. Sign up for our email newsletter in the footer of this page to learn more.

I’m a member of a community that does not have a Block on Avenue, how can I make this happen?

Tweet at us: @downavenue_, email us

What is the Survey feature on Avenue?

The Survey tool allows creators to collect structured data on their communities members’ unique perspectives and transform it into actionable information.

The Survey tool lets community members express their feelings without being influenced by the thoughts of others. It facilitates the purest form of community member feedback.

How can I find collaborators on Avenue?

Avenue unifies members across platforms to create the ultimate hub for community members to find each other and find collaborators. This allows for hyper targeted collaboration between users, users and the teams from the Blocks they are members of, and even between Blocks owners themselves.